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Server IP

  • IP: hydrovanillasmp.dedimc.io
  • Server version: 1.16.5 Paper
  • Location: Germany
  • RAM: 10 GB (dedicated only for the server) DDR4
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  • SSD: 2TB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Gigabit uplink!


We have always wanted to be really transparent with our financial status, and our costs. In the past all the money we recieved from Donations went 100% towards the server for us to pay for it every month. None of the money that has been donated to the server has never been put in any of the staff's private accounts - and we value the trust you guys gave us with that.
With that out of the way we can now announce that we are not accepting any donations anymore since the server is being sponsored by DedicatedMC which allows us to have our beloved custom @Pickle Rick#4261, variety of other bots, a stable server and in the future multiple servers and whole bunch of other custom features!
Contributor ranks and associated perks can now be obtained through doing good deeds for the server and the community. That could be making and hosting a game on the server, help building the spawn, shopping district or other community areas. It could also be streaming, making YouTube videos or anything else that will help the server being a fun good looking and growing server.
Perks for the Donator/Contributor role is:
  • Name color:
    • Gold (GOLD)
    • Dark Green (DARK_GREEN)
    • Dark Purple (DARK_PURPLE)
    • Pink (LIGHT_PURPLE)
    • Dark Aqua (DARK_AQUA)
    • Aqua (AQUA)
    • Green (GREEN)
    • Dark Blue (DARK_BLUE)
  • To add a little bit more to that, you can also choose your own personal trail.
In order to set your colors use Rick's commands !color and !trail. More about that in Pickle Rick.
This server was never meant as a way to earn money, it was set up because we wanted to enjoy Minecraft with other people but most of you already know this story πŸ˜‰
We do this because we enjoy doing it, and we want to make other people happy and giving them a place to socialize with a community and do great things together!
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