Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join?

First thing that you have to do is join our Discord server where you can write out an application based on a format that is gonna be displayed in #server-application. Upon being accepted your IGN will be whitelisted on our server and then you can join the server with IP: hydrovanillasmp.dedimc.io After joining you'll be invited to send provided code to HydroChat#2680 and merge your Discord account with our Minecraft server. After that you're free to play as long as you follow all the rules.

What are your rules?

A few of our basic rules regarding Minecraft server are:
  1. 1.
    Cheating, server exploits and alternative accounts are strongly prohibited
  2. 2.
    Keep good behaviour and healthy chat
  3. 3.
    Griefing and stealing is prohibited
  4. 4.
    Building in a claimed area is not allowed
  5. 5.
    Killing of other members without their consent is prohibited

How do I claim land?

Technically we don't support any claiming land plugins because we rely on maturity of our players. But you can mark your place of living on our Dynmap by using command /dmarker add <marker-label> where marker-label is the name of your place that you desire. We usually use our IGN's for everyone else to find our place of living more quickly.

How can I earn money?

We don't support economy plugins either. We are as pure and as close to Vanilla Minecraft as possible - more about plugins we use you can find in Plugins. Economy is fully player driven with diamonds
being used as currency. We also have designated shopping district where you can buy pretty much anything you desire.

Can I join HydroVanillaSMP with Minecraft PE or Bedrock?

Sorry, HydroVanillaSMP only supports Minecraft Java Edition.

Can I teleport on HydroVanillaSMP?

No, you cannot. As mentioned before we are as pure and as close to Vanilla Minecraft as possible. Therefore you can't, just like in plain survival, teleport around using commands. For fast transport we use Nether, where we also have our own Nether Hub with tunnels in each direction - North, South, East and West. Each player is invited to connect their Portal to their supported tunnel.

What is the server version?

The native server version is always up to date, unless we are doing in-between season or we are waiting for third party support for new Minecraft release. Currently we are on 1.16.5 native version.

Is there a HydroVanillaSMP map download available?

Unfortunately most old maps are not available anymore, except Season 6 map. You can get the download link by messaging one of our Directors - @CCJane#6969. You might hurry as well, because we are not keeping any downloads for too long.

Can I play on server with a "cracked" account?

No, you can only play on HydroVanillaSMP with genuine Minecraft account.