How to apply for HydroVanillaSMP?
Before you can play on our server you have to go through the process of being accepted to our community. Why we do that is because we want to make sure we only accept mature enough people who are able to control themselves.

Application template

We have our own application template which is displayed upon joining our Discord server but you can also find it in pinned messages:
  • IGN?:
  • Location?:
  • What year were you born?:
  • How long have you been playing Minecraft SMP?:
  • What do you primarily do while playing Minecraft?:
  • How many past servers have you played on?:
  • Will you be active in Discord and do you want to participate in group events?:
  • How much time can you play a week (estimated)?:
  • Briefly explain your plans for this server.:
  • Where did you find out about Hydro SMP? (If it's a website, post the link):
  • If it was on Reddit, what is your Reddit username?:
You can copy this template and post it filled with YOUR info in #server-applications.
Fill this Template in as full as possible, tell us about yourself, what you like to do, what your passions are in this wonderfull game and why we think we should accept you! Show us effort, because effort = higher chance of acceptance!
If you need any information about Applications don't hesitate to message @Staff to get some help! We really value a well written application so please try your best at punctuation, grammar and capital letters. We get a ton of applications every day, so if you don't want to put some effort in, neither will we! :)


The process of reviewing applications can be comprehensive and take time. We ask that you do not @Staff or any staff members to quicken the process. When reviewing applications we are looking to see that you are mature and the right type of person for the server. We look at spelling, grammar, and other writing characteristics to screen out some applicants. Please keep this in mind when applying!